5 most popular traditional models for small kitchen

Traditional models are very popular in kitchen design and most of those models are adopted either for small house or big house. It is believed that traditional model of a kitchen will be hot trend within few years ahead.

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Since many people feel bored with futuristic kitchen themes it is predicted the popularity of traditional model will be increased dramatically especially in United States and Europe. So, are you interested to apply traditional model for your kitchen? Well, please check these 5 most popular traditional models for small kitchen.

First is the Italian traditional kitchen design. This model is already popular since many years ago and the theme dominated with white color. Simplicity and elegant are captured perfectly in this kitchen model so if you like anything in simple ways then the Italian traditional models are perfect for your kitchen. Second is the American traditional kitchen design. This model always associated with cowboy themes. Many ornaments such as cowboy hats, caravan wheels and a pair of shotgun replicas often picked as the main accessories for kitchen room. Some of American kitchen models also has mini bar set and mini fireplace. Third are Japanese traditional models.  The Japanese kitchen model is designed to occupy limited room space and most of the layouts are I-shape kitchen. Some accessories which often found in Japanese traditional kitchen are hanging origami and tatami (Japanese traditional floor mat).

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Fourth are France traditional models. This model is also known as France Country kitchen design and most of the themes are dominated with rustic appearance. There are also France Country kitchen designs which inspired from classic European style and those designs are rarely used by young people.  Wooden chair and rustic table are perfect for France country kitchen design but if you expect more then you can create brick wall theme inside the kitchen room. Fifth is Indonesian kitchen model. Although there are many kitchen models from Indonesian archipelago but most people choose the Javanese kitchen model. Some of Javanese kitchen models have two main rooms, the preparation room and serving room. Each room has different function and you can find the information of Javanese traditional models for small kitchen from many literatures in the internet.

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