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Minimalist Cofe Table Living Room Interior Design from Mobil Fresno

Before we are talking about minimalist interior design, it is better to know what it is. A German Architect, Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, said “less is more” that is what being acknowledge as minimalist thought.  Minimalism is thought that see so many thing in a simple, easy, and useful. There are fewer dramatizations or histories. It is become so much more popular because of the many people in that time cannot afford the expensive things.

For a room, the concept of minimalist interior is when everything serves a function. Getting rid the not very important thing to minimize the cost. Everything in that place is very important and useful. There is no use less decoration. Minimalist interior design is expressed by the simplicity, cleanness and neutral colors.


It means that simple design with a contour of a fix shape, such as geometrical, less curve, or ornament. The furniture completely always has function. It is better when the furniture has more than one function.  Exploring on the function to minimize the cost is the first aim. In brief, we can say that minimalist interior design is optimized in every aspect to minimize the space, cost, and energy.

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It means simple on the visual perspective. Organized, and less ornament will make the room clean. Less accessories and ornament will make it less stressful, because it will much more easy to clean. Uncomplicated interior design and furniture make comfortable and lead relaxation. That is the purpose of the minimalist.

Neutral colors

Mostly the minimalist interior design applies monochrome neutral color.  Light, pale, green, brown, soft, doves are the color of minimalist interior concept. It chooses the natural color. Less mixing color is the key for interior design. Furniture, wall, floor attic, ornament better to be on the same list of color.

In conclusion the minimalist interior design will prefer on the durability and less quantity, function and less dramatization, cleanness and less color and energy but less cost.

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Minimalist Interior Design of-Rotterdam Art- Culture Building

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minimalist interior design

minimalist interior design

Minimalist Interior Design

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minimalist interior design

Minimalist interior design

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