Bamboo furniture house: what should we do?

Wonderful Bamboo Design House n Costa Rica

Uneasy to maintain, short service furniture, and very friable are very common phrases for bamboo furniture house, especially when we are compared it with wood. Bamboo is weaker than wood. However, bamboos also have a lot of advantages. Bamboo is more environmental friendly, not expensive and unique material for house furniture.

Some people said that bamboo is not an easy material to maintain as furniture house. It is weak when meet the weather and termite. Bamboo furniture house will not able to protect itself from the extreme heat, sunshine, water and bugs. Bamboo furniture house will get so easily cracking, and get stretch. However, right maintenance will make this furniture last longer.

With correct maintenance, the bamboo furniture can be used in a very long time. We have to aware on what should we do and what should not we do for our Bamboo furniture house:

What we should do:

  1. We have to keep it clean; it means that we have to make sure that there is no bug or termite live in the furniture.
  2. Clean the bamboo furniture with wet cloth but we have dried it as soon as possible with soft dry cloth.
  3. Polish the bamboo furniture with some linseed oil.
  4. Keep the bamboo furniture from direct sunlight.

What we should not do:

  1. Do not clean the furniture with any detergent or other abrasive chemical substance because it will make the bamboo furniture lose its shine.
  2. Do not dry the wet furniture with machinery drier or hair dryer because it will make cracking on the bamboo furniture.
  3. Do not use the wet bamboo furniture, or do not sit on it. This activity can make scratch on bamboo furniture.With all of the explanation of what we should do or not do, we can maintain bamboo furniture house easily. Then, the bamboo furniture house can be used in a long time.

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home furniture bamboo- recliner design


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