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How to beautify the living room? This question is easy to answer but more difficult to prove. Many people have explained about the color function in terms of either feng sui, traditional or even western. All provide us with many explanations. These are general opinions made about the color of living room to choose.

Green offers our living room a gleaming touch that enables us to be more calm feeling. It is advisable that we use light green to produce security around us. Try to go with yellow or white formulated with green and the living room shall appear charming. For those who love the beauty of the nature, beautiful flowers and plants may be added to give more impression in it. Living room interior would do the room good by placing some furniture around.

Blue provides us with the scheme of ocean, refreshing and cool. It is also possible to add yellow color and red color to accentuate the scheme of the living room. Yellow gives us a feeling of wanting to come back to the living room. That’s why it will be appropriate to color yellow in hallways. Use yellow to control the entire room and get others to emphasize the color.Brown points a classic situation in the living room. Brown is also seen in the furniture of all. This color also goes with green especially with brown furniture. Red lets the spirit arise from the living room. Feel the energy and the taste of being wealthy. Add red with green to make restless feeling reduced.

Grey is to create simple and calm touch. It will be a boring color only without any combination from other colors. Thus, as a neutral color, it is our desire to experience with most colors. And you are allowed to decorate the living room with any furniture or decoration you wish.

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