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interior decorating styleinterior decorating, Wanting a new situation in the house to released stressed after a day with tired and activities Aquarium as a decoration interior might the best choice. Aquarium accommodates life in it. Living things in a glass container is known as aquarium. Indeed it will give new experience every day.

There are two type of aquarium. Aquarium contains only fish and aquarium contains fishes and water plantation, called aquascape.  We, deliberately, can choose aquarium as we want. However, there are also so many things that should be considered so the aquarium will bring its function as a calming rather than bothering thing.

  1. The size

Size is very important because it will give the effect to the type of the aquarium. Size should be adjusted with the space of the room. In a larger space we can put big sized of aquarium but not at reversed.  Aquascape and aquarium interior decorating are more appropriate if we put it on the big aquarium.

  1. The shape

The aquarium shape also will take a big role too. In a small room for example minimalist and creative shape will be looks great. Cylinder, triangle, square, round and cube are some shape of aquarium used in a house. In the big room, simple box aquarium will be more functional because it can be a divider of the room too.

  1. The design

There are two designs of aquarium, build in aquarium or free standing aquarium. This design will influence the interior design, maintenance and building plan. Free standing aquarium will be more flexible and easier to maintain rather than building aquarium. Build in aquarium will make the room more beautiful because it will be like lively painting or exclusive diorama.

Those are some considerations to choose aquarium. We have to make sure that aquarium interior decorating will give the calmness and useful in the house. Hopefully, Aquarium can be the home interior decorating style.

interior decorating style

interior decorating style

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