Curtain and vitrage optimize interior decoration style

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Using curtain and vitrage in a house can encourage interior decoration style. Curtain and vitrage are ornament that uses to beautify the house, and keep the house furniture from direct sun light. This ornament can be a solution to make the decoration more interesting. Although it is only an ornament but wrong in choosing the style for the house can mess the interior decoration style.

Here, we are going to find out kinds of curtain and vitrage style, and then we don’t break up the interior décor style. There are so many kinds and style of vitrage and curtain. We can separate it into two categories classic and modern style. Spain, Austria blind, France and Italian are classic style. Roman blind or roman shade is modern interior decoration style.

Home Interior Decorating Ideas

Home Decorating Ideas

Spain style

It is characterized by the occurrence of pelmet and valance. This style was a trend in early 1990-1995. Nowadays, because of the difficulty to maintain it people try to apply this style without them.

Austrian Blind

It usually used for girls’ room because of its femininity. It is up and down curtain. When it is up, it will make a shape like girls skirt and blowing like balloon.

France style

It is inspired form the curtain in the café in France.  We put the rail in the middle of the window that makes it looks split. It style usually used for country house style.interior decoration style

Italian style

It described as a sand clock curtain. It applied on the glass window that hanged on the rail and bunch it in the middle of the cloth. This style is good for slim window with beautiful frame.

Roman blind (roman shape)

It is modern style, with minimal need of curtain or vitrage. It becomes a favorite style now, because of its simplicity. It looks like with France style but it is not too much. When the curtain is pulled up, the curtain will be folded not blowing like balloon.

At last but not the least, before we decide what kind of vitrage that appropriate for our house, we have to match it with the need, budget, personality andinterior decoration style.

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Interior Decorating Styles

Interior Decorating Styles

Interior Decorating Styles

Interior Decorating Styles

Interior Decorating Styles

Interior Decorating Ideas

Interior Decorating Ideas

Interior Decorating Ideas