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Having a house with more than one interior decorating style is not dangerous thing to be done. In this world, there are so many interior decorating styles. On of it is eclectic style. Eclectic style describes as a combination style. We can put two or more style in creating creative interior decoration.

The characteristic of eclectic style

Eclectic style characterize as mixing interior style. It gives the freedom for the creator to invite their own idea and taste. For example we can mix traditional style with contemporary. Eclectic style will perform unique interior style and we won’t get bored easily.

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Build up the eclectic decorating style is not merely, mix and match of beautiful furniture. The harmony of the furniture also should be constructed. The harmony of the furniture can be made from five elements.  There are basic design, line, color, texture, mass, and shape.  Another idea is grouping the elements that provide the same function and look mixed together.

Applying eclectic interior decorating style, we don’t have to spend much money. We can use the already or old furniture that we have. We only need to explore our creativity on mix and match the furniture. We cam mix the traditional furniture (old) with the new one (contemporary). It will make a beautiful combination between classic and contemporary. Or, may be we can mix the west and east concept, modern and traditional concept, urban and village concept any many others.

Achieving the eclectic style is not an easy task; we should keep the harmony on the diversity. The most important thing is on the harmony. Though it is a free style but there should be wholeness. This wholeness can maintain the harmony of the room, so that there is no confused of the concept that brings messy interior design furniture. Then, it will make the amazing look interior decorating style for the great room.

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