How Important Interior design picture?

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Interior design picture is a device to describe interior design. Wikipedia said that Interior design picture is the process of determining the occurrence of interior room, by manipulating the space and volume. It expose on aspects of environmental psychology, building, and product design above and beyond traditional decoration.

Interior design picture is very important in order to make the room organized, and well planed. it holds big role in making the excellent room.  It is not only a drawing but it is also very useful tool. We might think how’s important this plan in a real situation.  The reason will be explain as follows.

The best model

Interior design picture become the best model. It can describe visually of our thought and hope of a room. It is because if we want to make everything in harmony and unity we have to make a model first, then it is the right answer to be the model, before we applied it in the reality.


The flaw detector

We can see the possible flaw of our plan, when we draw. The imbalance of our plan will be known if we are try to visualized it and draw it. The design cannot detect the flaw for 100 % but it can minimize the flaw.

The best experiment laboratory

The interior design picture can be the laboratories for the designer. Some possibility can be tested on it. Therefore, we can find the best alternative for the room. It will spend less cost and effort rather than we do not do that.

The best decision-making instrument

The interior design picture can be the best solution in making the decision. All idea, feeling and dream of a room can be described on the picture. More over the misconception also can be revealed and eliminated, and then the best decision will be got. In brief, the interior design picture is indeed not merely a sketch but it is really describe on what will happen.

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