How to draw kitchen floor plan with Corel Draw

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These days, many people choose to draw kitchen floor plan without any help from the expert since they can draw it at home. Yes, you can install certain design software such as Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator before you start to draw the desired floor plan for your kitchen room. Well, if you are an expert of design software, you won’t have difficulties to draw the floor plan but if you are a newbie user then you can learn few basic tips to draw floor plan with Corel Draw. Please continue to read on this article and hope the tips are helpful.

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First, you have to ensure the Corel Draw design software is already installed in the HDD. No matter what version is installed there since the most important point is you can access the design software smoothly without any crash due to lack of main memory. As you know designing kitchen floor plan will utilize main memory and push the processor into the limit so it is recommended to close other applications before you run the Corel Draw. Open a new file and create an object either with freehand tool or rectangle tool. Try to draw the line of floor plan one by one and make sure you activate the guidelines to help you balancing the lines. If you have certain criteria for the kitchen floor plan, then don’t forget to write it down and ensure the criteria can be applied for the real situation.

Finish with lines now you have a brief design of the floor plan. It is not yet a perfect design but at least you can find the ideal space for the home appliances and the kitchen furniture based on the layout that you have developed.  To mark kitchen zone, you can give certain color mark such as red for the working zone, yellow for preparing zone and green for dinning zone. Done with the kitchen zones, you can print the floor plan. Take your time to examine the printed floor plan and if you are not satisfied with the result then you can start the process again from the beginning. Have a try and good luck for the kitchen floor plan project.

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