Modern kitchen floor plan ideas for Traditional villas

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Who said that kitchen floor plan is only ideal for modern houses? It is true that some of modern architect companies only offer their service to draw floor plan for modern house but it doesn’t mean that the traditional villa and modest guest house can’t have a modern floor plan. Here are few floor plan ideas which could be ideal for traditional villas and you can modify the floor plans as you like.

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Basically, modern kitchen floor plan for traditional villa is similar to floor plan for modern houses. Standard type of kitchen floor plan has three zones. First zone is a working zone. This is the place where people cook and prepare the dishes. Second zone is the preparation zone. This zone is often marked with yellow color. And Third zone is Dinning Zone. This one is the place where people enjoy the food. Those zones also can be applied for traditional villas and even you can add more zones for the kitchen since some villas has outdoor kitchen. As you can see, there are many Traditional villas with outdoor facilities and outdoor kitchen is one of the most favorite spots around the Villa’s area. You can apply modern kitchen floor plan either for indoor or outdoor space since the layout can be modified easily so it will not ruin the overall theme of certain Villa.

Some of kitchen floor plans are designed based on overall theme of the Villa but there are also kitchen floor plans that designed based on the available space. So, you can freely modify the layout of certain floor plan to match it either with the theme of the villa or space that available for the kitchen. Minimalist paintings, unique wall lamps and sleek design mini bar set are perfect for modern kitchen theme and to find other interesting ideas for the kitchen floor plan, you can ask to the expert through many design forums in the internet.

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