Small Kitchen Makeover For School Project

Small kitchen makeover for school project 1

Yes, small kitchen makeover could be a good idea to achieve higher achievement at school and popularity in social network sites. As architecture student you need to apply your knowledge for many rooms inside a house or building so this is the perfect time to show off to your friends that you are ready to be a famous architect in the future. Why choose small kitchen project? Well, as you know big leap comes from small step so take it easy and soon you will be ready for big projects.

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There are few preparations must be done before you can start the small kitchen makeover project.  First, choose whose kitchen which perfect for this project. If you have permission from your parents then you are likely have the correct target. Now, you have the kitchen for this project and you can start to measure the entire space of kitchen room and make a list of themes which will be applied for the kitchen. Second, prepare the design for small kitchen makeover project. You can make it with hand-draw technique or you can draw it with newest 2011 CAD software. Render the scene and mark all position for existing furniture so will have reference where the furniture should be placed after the small kitchen makeover project completed.

Third, prepare the tools and material which will be used to makeover the kitchen. Some people choose simple makeover such as change the wallpaper theme, create wall murals and apply new floor for their kitchen. Calculate the budget and search for the materials either at local superstore or online store. Fourth, don’t forget your pocket camera to take pictures of your kitchen before the makeover project and after the makeover project so you can analyze overall improvement that you’ve been made. Share the pictures of your creation through social network sites and within few days ahead you will have an order for small kitchen makeover from your friends.

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