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Sofa is the most comfortable family furniture. It cannot be deny that sofa is the best seat ever. Sofa is a chair that almost its entire framework is covered with upholstery, padded, and completed with cushion.  Sofa, commonly, become the main family furniture because of its characteristic that bring soothe on family gathering.

Therefore, we have to reconsider before we buy a sofa. We have to make sure on the design, size and space.  For example for minimalist or small house, it is better not to use European sofa style. It is better to order modern minimalist sofa. Chesterfield, club sofa, Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbuzier and sofa bed are some variant of modern sofa.

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It is the first modern sofa. It characterizes with straight back and a little high straight arm, and plain upholstery. The upholstery is usually from leather, silk or denim. The shape is simple.

Club sofa

It is a little different with chesterfield. Its back and arm are shorter. It usually concluded with cushions that make the back look higher.

Mies van der Rohe

This model is also known a day bed. It has no arm and back but completed with cushions. Its development can be matched with L shaped sofa. Le Corbuzier

This sofa is distinguished with simple geometrically shape with stainless steel or metal frame work. Its upholstery is monochrome and plain. Pony horse skin is the best choice for the upholstery

Sofa Bed

It is a development of bench. It can be a bed and a chair. Its back can be in various shapes, such as butterfly, lips, half moon and other. Its frame work is very simple and flexible.

Those are some style modern sofa that can be chosen based on our need. Sofa is great furniture. It is not merely a chair or a thing to be sat but it has so many function.  Then, having a sofa as family furniture is the best choice.

Sofa design and style

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