Traditional Kitchen Styles From Java

Traditional kitchen styles from Java 1

There are many kitchen styles can be found in the internet and one of the most popular traditional kitchen styles which often used as reference is Javanese kitchen style. Yes, this kitchen style is simply become a popular one in many internet forums. It is not surprisingly that many people are interested to apply this style for their kitchen and here is the brief information about the Javanese kitchen style for you.

Traditional kitchen area styles from Java 2

Have you ever visited java before? Java is one of five biggest islands in Indonesian which very rich in culture. There are also many traditions which lives among Javanese people although there are not staying in java anymore. Those traditions also give influence in traditional kitchen styles from java and basically there are two main style of Javanese traditional kitchen. The first style is open kitchen style. The main idea of this kitchen style is to attract people and generate hunger while people walk around the kitchen. The main attraction of this kitchen style is the traditional kitchen appliance such as stove that made from terracotta and firewood. Open kitchen styles also can create warmth atmosphere since everyone can see the cooking process and take a test for the food and the philosophy of open kitchen style is everyone can learn how to cook tasty meal.

Second style is closed kitchen style. This style often adopted by certain people who seek for privacy while they are cooking. Closed kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t see the cooking process but this style has focus point in the surprise effect. So, people who are waiting for the foods are curious whether the taste of the foods will be surprising or not. The philosophy of this closed style is surprise effect of certain food can give emotional bond to people who enjoy it.  Each of Javanese kitchen style has plus and minus sides and you can find more details for Javanese kitchen styles from various literatures about Javanese culinary heritage.

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