Blue Haven Pools : Lagoon in Swimming Pool

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You may think that took a long time to fill your backyard swimming pool, blue haven pools, as if the lake? It will be very surprising. Well, it was imposibble to a gap in the backyard, but there is another way to create a blue haven pools in your backyard. Yes, you can design as a lake for swimming. It sounds amazing right? Some people tyr to make it come true by making a lagoon swimming pool style. Continue reading

Blue Haven Pools for Your Family and You

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Where is blue haven pools for your family and you? Who doesn’t love to lounge around in a swimming pool and beat the summer hear as opposed to the alternative; going to the public pool shared with a bunch of strangers?So now you will have more quality time to spend with your family and bond with them in a new and better way. Continue reading

Swimming pool maintenance guide for fiberglass above ground pool

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There are three main materials which used to produce above ground swimming pool and many people searching the swimming pool maintenance guidance for fiberglass pool since the fiberglass pool is the most popular above ground pool which available in the market today. The other two materials, metal and aluminum above ground swimming pool are rarely used so here are few tips to keep your fiberglass always in the best shape. Continue reading

Swimming pool maintenance guide for winter season

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Although some people ignored their swimming pool in winter season since it is freezing but you need to keep the swimming pool clean and tidy so here is a brief review of swimming pool maintenance guide for winter season. You can pick the big idea from this maintenance guide and find the best solution to clean up the swimming pool during winter season.small swimming pool maintenance guide Continue reading

3 reasons why traditional models often picked for kitchen remodeling

Traditional Kitchen Models by Mobalpa

Although modern kitchen designs are very popular these days but some people choose to adopt traditional models as primary choice for kitchen remodeling. Yes, there are many traditional kitchen designs which perfectly match with various layouts of kitchen room and the traditional kitchen designs are also affordable for most people. If you have plans to remodeling your kitchen in few weeks ahead at least try to consider these 3 reasons why traditional models are ideal for kitchen remodeling. Hope the information is useful for you.

First reason why people choose the traditional models for their kitchen is traditional kitchen design can bring warmth for people who entered the kitchen room. There are many people feels like in their own home while they are entering kitchen room which designed based on traditional model and some of traditional kitchen also can bring old memories of childhood came to live. Second reason is traditional models for kitchen room are suitable to be applied either for big house of small house. There is also certain traditional model of kitchen which can be applied for apartment or villas and this model can be modified based on the theme of the apartment so you will have freedom to express your personality through specific model.  As you know in this modern era, most people choose an apartment as their living place and some of them choose traditional model for kitchen remodeling.

Third reason is traditional models for kitchen room plays important part to maintain family identity. In globalization era there are no boundaries of culture and trend around the world so many people tend to dress in the same style and talk in similar ways. In this situation, certain traditional model of a kitchen room can tell many stories about the home owner.  So, whenever you want to remodel your kitchen, please consider the traditional models of kitchen room as your primary choice.

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Green, Black, or White for Your Home?

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Is it green, black, or white for you home? Which do you prefer? People love color and so do they when we think about the house. People always dream to have home of our own whether it is old or new; whether it is good or bad. Choosing color to be painted on our home takes consideration. We don not want to have a house with terrible color. Frankly speaking, the color you choose is your right. That means it’s not a big deal if you paint your house totally black, or perhaps entirely blue. Who cares? People may disagree with your idea; nevertheless, it’s the house of your own.

Amiroelstudio Bahari, in his articles, comments that the beauty of your own home can be seen through the color. Anyhow, when we think about color, just take a look at this for your references.

Brown has to do with the color of the earth, it is cozy and you can paint this color in every part of your home. Some people say they do not want to paint the house entirely in Black. This would be horrible, but when you use it right, black would be a great accent color. White creates the feeling of being calm and peaceful. Blue represent cold, this does not suit you when you live in a home with little sunlight. However blue also symbolizes calmness. Green is natural color, also the feeling of being restful. This color goes with the kitchen to keep the kitchen natural. Still, you can use green for any place you’d love to in your house. How about red? The same as black, it would be terrible to paint the house perfectly in black. When you apply black in its measure, you will find how beautiful the black is. So, which do you like the most? Is it green, black, or white for your home?

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5 most popular traditional models for small kitchen

Traditional models are very popular in kitchen design and most of those models are adopted either for small house or big house. It is believed that traditional model of a kitchen will be hot trend within few years ahead.

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Since many people feel bored with futuristic kitchen themes it is predicted the popularity of traditional model will be increased dramatically especially in United States and Europe. So, are you interested to apply traditional model for your kitchen? Well, please check these 5 most popular traditional models for small kitchen.

First is the Italian traditional kitchen design. This model is already popular since many years ago and the theme dominated with white color. Simplicity and elegant are captured perfectly in this kitchen model so if you like anything in simple ways then the Italian traditional models are perfect for your kitchen. Second is the American traditional kitchen design. This model always associated with cowboy themes. Many ornaments such as cowboy hats, caravan wheels and a pair of shotgun replicas often picked as the main accessories for kitchen room. Some of American kitchen models also has mini bar set and mini fireplace. Third are Japanese traditional models.  The Japanese kitchen model is designed to occupy limited room space and most of the layouts are I-shape kitchen. Some accessories which often found in Japanese traditional kitchen are hanging origami and tatami (Japanese traditional floor mat).

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When did the last time you paint the house?

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Home sweet home, but what if paint the house we have looks so gloomy and horrible. When did the last time you paint the house? House is not only the shelter but also a pride for someone. Beautiful house with large garden and building could be a dream of anyone. Maintenance of a house, including coloring, costs a lot of money. Coloring a house is the most difficult. There are many considerations to take. Sometimes we want to paint it black but our family would disagree. We then have to balance between what we want and what our family wishes. As a result, we perhaps should combine the colors desire.

It’s now the time for you to renew the color of your house. What we have to is, at first, that we are to choose the kinds of the paint – latex paints or oil-based paint. Use latex paint to have remarkable attachment in warm weather and easily dried. Apply for latex when you require repainting for two times and easily applied to metal, aluminum. This latex need only water to clean.paint the house

When the house has several small rooms, it would be better to go with contrast color. Eugene Makeev says that contrast pattern shall make large room smaller and on the contrary a small room becomes huge with light colors.

Last but far from the least is that you have also to think about the validity of painting. Make sure you know how long at least the color shall last so that you won’t get disappointed to figure out that the painting will blur in short terms.

Light Green or brown color is applicable for garden if you do have it in order that the garden looks thick though you have only few plants. And after having seen you house sparkling, your neighbor won’t ask you when the last time you paint the house.

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Beautify the Living Room

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How to beautify the living room? This question is easy to answer but more difficult to prove. Many people have explained about the color function in terms of either feng sui, traditional or even western. All provide us with many explanations. These are general opinions made about the color of living room to choose.

Green offers our living room a gleaming touch that enables us to be more calm feeling. It is advisable that we use light green to produce security around us. Try to go with yellow or white formulated with green and the living room shall appear charming. For those who love the beauty of the nature, beautiful flowers and plants may be added to give more impression in it. Living room interior would do the room good by placing some furniture around.

Blue provides us with the scheme of ocean, refreshing and cool. It is also possible to add yellow color and red color to accentuate the scheme of the living room. Yellow gives us a feeling of wanting to come back to the living room. That’s why it will be appropriate to color yellow in hallways. Use yellow to control the entire room and get others to emphasize the color.Brown points a classic situation in the living room. Brown is also seen in the furniture of all. This color also goes with green especially with brown furniture. Red lets the spirit arise from the living room. Feel the energy and the taste of being wealthy. Add red with green to make restless feeling reduced.

Grey is to create simple and calm touch. It will be a boring color only without any combination from other colors. Thus, as a neutral color, it is our desire to experience with most colors. And you are allowed to decorate the living room with any furniture or decoration you wish.

modern living room decor

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Implementing Traditional Models to Our Kitchen Design

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The traditional models kitchen design is often chose by the young couples. They are usually discus this model through their  interior designer before they create and implementing it into their new home. One of their reasons why they are choosing this traditional models is the models is everlasting, elegant and warm. It is can also reflect the personality of the owner. As we know kitchen is holding an important role in our home. Because in this area food were processing, so it has to be neat and tidy.

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Extra Colors for Living Room – extra effects

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Extra Colors for Living Room – extra effects

Extra Colors for living room, which one do we have to choose? Certainly, it is no doubt that the living room becomes essentially urgent in our house as we are mostly engaged plenty of time in this room. No needs to argue then that our guests or even beloved family prefer to the living to be nice place to stay, have chat, and discuss many things. Thus, again, which is to choose? Is the color proper to the table or others?

Just to remind us, John Deliakis, says that color mixture for the living room sometimes represents the style of you life. However, it doesn’t mean always true. So it’s not a big deal to repaint the living room when we think it doesn’t look charming anymore.       

Now let’s consider color influences and use.

Colors’ influences: color and model you exercise may have effect. The application of precise color would make a large room fun and the tiny one becomes bigger. For small space room can be increasingly bigger when you paint it with bright paint. Make obvious change between ceiling and wall in color. For lower space, make sure you paint the various colors for the ceiling and wall.

Color mix use: white and light would be best to add with sorts of furniture. To let you know, white changes easily especially when you smoke in the room. Red and earth tones. When you pick red for the wall, you had better add antique things in the living room. This red makes the room smaller; still, paint the ceiling in pastel shades to reduce this small impression.

Bright color use: color in bright enables better mood. You could try green or blue, or else contrast yellow. Add with blatant wood or glass to beautify the Living Room.

Living Room Design

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Shiny Living Room

White Shiny at the Champs Elysées by S Drei Architektur Living Room interior Design-Ideas-800x388

To make shiny Living room is not an easy job. It is the Shiny Living Room to be the first view to see when entering a house. Fine impression has always been a thing we would like to hear from any visitor may come and by. The question is what and how we furnish the living room to shiny in comfort. According to Keith Barrett, in his article, says that we may provide a lot of ideas for other rooms in a house but find it much more difficult for the living room.

Well, when the room seems dull and gloomy, I’m of the opinion that we should add our touch in order sparkle the room by starting to think about painting the living room wall. But what color it might be proper for the wall? Don’t pick the wrong color for the wall or it shall ruin the appearance of everything in the living room. To get it started, white is neutral color for the wall.

It would be good of us to have wallpapers in the room as a decoration. Wallpapers during these days have been reproduced in much more unique and up-to-date looks. Then don’t be afraid to add the suitable wallpapers for the room. Remember, sofa can be the largest ornament to see. Do not hesitate to pick up smaller staff to accompany the sofa, table for coffee, small-cupboard for magazine when it arise the elegance and impression. It’s not a mistake to have second-handed furniture.

What about the floor? Match the color of the floor with the color of the wall and other furniture. Consider the room as well with color; it is possible to make room bigger with various colors on the ceiling. Black color shall only make the Shiny Living Room smaller.  We can find many great ideas in to make shiny living room And the choice is always yours.

white and shiny living room decorations

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Bamboo furniture house: what should we do?

Wonderful Bamboo Design House n Costa Rica

Uneasy to maintain, short service furniture, and very friable are very common phrases for bamboo furniture house, especially when we are compared it with wood. Bamboo is weaker than wood. However, bamboos also have a lot of advantages. Bamboo is more environmental friendly, not expensive and unique material for house furniture.

Some people said that bamboo is not an easy material to maintain as furniture house. It is weak when meet the weather and termite. Bamboo furniture house will not able to protect itself from the extreme heat, sunshine, water and bugs. Bamboo furniture house will get so easily cracking, and get stretch. However, right maintenance will make this furniture last longer.

With correct maintenance, the bamboo furniture can be used in a very long time. We have to aware on what should we do and what should not we do for our Bamboo furniture house:

What we should do:

  1. We have to keep it clean; it means that we have to make sure that there is no bug or termite live in the furniture.
  2. Clean the bamboo furniture with wet cloth but we have dried it as soon as possible with soft dry cloth.
  3. Polish the bamboo furniture with some linseed oil.
  4. Keep the bamboo furniture from direct sunlight.

What we should not do:

  1. Do not clean the furniture with any detergent or other abrasive chemical substance because it will make the bamboo furniture lose its shine.
  2. Do not dry the wet furniture with machinery drier or hair dryer because it will make cracking on the bamboo furniture.
  3. Do not use the wet bamboo furniture, or do not sit on it. This activity can make scratch on bamboo furniture.With all of the explanation of what we should do or not do, we can maintain bamboo furniture house easily. Then, the bamboo furniture house can be used in a long time.

shigheru ban bamboo furniture house

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Wallpaper: alterative for interior decorating styles

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There are a lot of  interior decorating styles, such as American style, Classic style, Modern style, etc. For the children interior style, those styles are a little bit not fit for them. First of all before we are really going to decorate a room, we have to know how we use our bedroom.

If we want to decorate children room, we have to think as children and figure out how they will use their room. Children are very imaginative. In interior decorating styles the children room, we have to have a lot of trick and imagination. Wallpaper can be the solution for it. Wallpaper can be an alternative choice for children room interior decorating style. Nowadays, wallpaper has so many pattern, design and picture. We can get easily to draw the children wall with their favorite. With the colorful and full of imagination wall, the theme can be created for the interior decoration style. After install the wallpaper, choosing the fit furniture should be done. In decorating room, the furniture will be more appropriate if in the same theme with the wallpaper. The form of furniture and color of the furniture will be play supporting role, and the wall paper is the main player. interior decorating styles
For example, with safari wallpaper we can make the children bedroom as a zoo. Zoo can be the interior decorating style. We can place the furniture in animal form there. If we think it is too much to bring the entire zoo on the room, we can use simple furniture on it. Furniture still must hold its function. If the shape is not appropriate then, it is better not to insist. In a conclusion, in decorating a room, we should always think on the correlation between the function, personal interest, and the need of the user. Children need imaginative place to grow their personal interest and creativity. Decorating their room with what they like and suite with it function. Then wallpaper will be an option for interior decorating styles.

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How Important Interior design picture?

Interior Designer

Interior design picture is a device to describe interior design. Wikipedia said that Interior design picture is the process of determining the occurrence of interior room, by manipulating the space and volume. It expose on aspects of environmental psychology, building, and product design above and beyond traditional decoration.

Interior design picture is very important in order to make the room organized, and well planed. it holds big role in making the excellent room.  It is not only a drawing but it is also very useful tool. We might think how’s important this plan in a real situation.  The reason will be explain as follows.

The best model

Interior design picture become the best model. It can describe visually of our thought and hope of a room. It is because if we want to make everything in harmony and unity we have to make a model first, then it is the right answer to be the model, before we applied it in the reality.


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