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There are three main materials which used to produce above ground swimming pool and many people searching the swimming pool maintenance guidance for fiberglass pool since the fiberglass pool is the most popular above ground pool which available in the market today. The other two materials, metal and aluminum above ground swimming pool are rarely used so here are few tips to keep your fiberglass always in the best shape.Fiberglass Above Ground Swimming Pools

Besides easy in maintenance, the fiberglass above ground pool also has competitive price. These are two basic reasons why the popularity of fiberglass pool is increasing around the world. The first tips of swimming pool maintenance guidance for fiberglass pool are clean up the bottom of the pool from pool algae. Yes, pool algae must be eliminated from the bottom of the pool since it is slippery to anyone who is inside the swimming pool. You can use pool vacuum and chemical products to clean the pool algae easily. The pool algae often lives in water with poor pH balance so check the pH balance of the pool water at least once a month. Next tips stain prevention for fiberglass above ground pool. To detect the type of stains you can check the color of the stains. Copper stains are blue or green color while magnesium stains are grey. There are also iron stains which can de recognized from the red mark on the fiberglass surfaces.

Tips to prevent those stains are simple and it is described completely on swimming pool maintenance guide book from the factory. If you have difficulties to find the details, here is the clue, the method to prevent the stain is pouring metal chelating at the first time you fill the swimming pool with water. If you were forgot pouring the metal chelating at the first time, then you can pour it later within two weeks ahead. The metal chelating has higher effectiveness if it is poured with fresh water so this is the priority step to protect your fiberglass swimming pool from stains which must be done right after you buy the fiberglass pool. Please visit many websites that gives information about swimming pool maintenance guide before you decide to buy certain type of above ground swimming pool.

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